Top 11 Blockchain-as-a-Service Providers for Small to Large Scale Businesses

Blockchain is a technology to store data. It operates in a decentralized organization.

Here, there is no control of central power like the Government or big corporations.

This technology is running and still progressing because of the active participation of its users.

It is also much more advanced than the traditional method of recording data.

And, as the customer data expands, so makes the demand for a useful data keeper. It is highly secured and no- one can manipulate the data.

Let us begin by analyzing what this new cloud technology-blockchain-as-a-service has to offer.

What is a Blockchain Service?

Blockchain-as-a-service leverages third-party knowledge to enjoy the benefits of blockchain.

This assistance can take the form of infrastructure or go beyond that. As a result, businesses pay to use rented blockchain networks.

Blockchain as a Service: Benefits

Since blockchain is still primarily used for cryptocurrencies, using this digitally spread ledger algorithm on a commercial scale is rare.

Most users lack the skills to determine a definite Return on Investment for enterprise customers. Blockchain-as-a-service providers are especially helpful in this situation.

Industry-Specific Solutions by BAAS

As previously said, blockchain is an administration platform.

Because of this, all blockchain-as-a-service solutions keep data at their foundation. This software makes use of cryptocurrency key attributes to enable your company to be resilient to online fraud and promote transparency to its consumers.

This section will discuss the most common applications in many sectors

1. Automobile

One of the major challenges in the automotive industry is to resist inauthentic or damaged parts and supervise the supply chain.

The biggest benefit of blockchain technology is that it promotes transparency when it comes to accessing records for the parts of the automobile transportation industry.

This procedure helps automotive companies to trace the parts and distinguish between authentic spare and duplicate ones.

Furthermore, blockchain enables smooth and efficient management of the supply chain.

This includes a steady supply of essential components and efficient production with few interruptions.

2.  Healthcare Sector

Healthcare uses blockchain services to perform various functions.

It helps in keeping transparent and authorized medical data of the person. It is universal, thus it can be easily accessed by the person.

When several healthcare organizations are working together to treat a single disease or disorder, blockchain is highly advantageous.

Additionally, blockchain helps determine the legitimacy of pharmaceuticals.

Any drug’s origin can be verified. Additionally, it helps manufacturers remember specific medicines.

3. Fintech Sector

The fintech sector is filled with middlemen and extra charges. Most banking processes are now much more simple, thanks to blockchain. It is a huge relief for the general customer.

Blockchain provides transparency and data integrity to avoid disagreements.

Without the laborious procedure of validation by any government authority, smart contracts can help in the quicker settlement of cash.

4. Arts and Entertainment Industry 

The artist community can easily track and receive fees for their works thanks to blockchain technology.

It keeps track of every resale. Therefore, smart contracts help the original author receive their legitimate portion with each resale.

Likewise, BAAS products in the entertainment business can help track the utilization of copyrighted content.

This might be used to start a digital payment system for platforms such as Netflix.

Many consumers simply subscribe to streaming services to enjoy their favorite programs.

The media consumed is tracked by blockchain. Later on, as the user base expands, more individuals will feel the fair price of membership.

5. Transportation Industry

The transport industry highly depends on identification authentication for both passengers and goods.

This approach can be offered as authentic and straightforward for passengers with just one proof of identity token.

They won’t have to bring a lot of paperwork with them. It is possible to find unauthorized persons while maintaining everyone else’s security.

The same is true for shipment control and inspection, which will become effective and error-free.

In conclusion, blockchain fundamentals can offer a fault-free- free system for sectors that use enormous amounts of data.

6. Nodesmith

Nodesmith offers personalized blockchain nodes for more efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

The intelligent buffering layer guarantees that information is processed as quickly as possible.

It’s mostly intended for Web 3.0 developers. Nodesmith has become ready for service in three data centers around the world.

Additionally, because of its lag navigation, it makes sure that all API calls are sent to the closest data center.

Nodesmith currently supports five blockchains based, such as Ethereum, AION, POA, and XDA

Decentralized Identity

This addresses the issue of customer identity and access management. It is an attempt to safeguard the privacy and stop data leaks using blockchain technology.

Verification to a social networking website is performed via cryptography. By doing this, the conventional usage of login credentials is eliminated.

In addition, it lessens a company’s duty of keeping private user information. Furthermore, it improves legal reliability systems, such as GDPR.

Proof Based Systems

If you often host competitions, this refers to you. It might also be used to distribute gifts. It helps in demonstrating to your customers that the competitions are truly fair.

In these circumstances, you may offer the essential visibility that is required, winning over customers’ trust and devotion to your network.

Similar to this, Dragonchain has a Lyceum system for the education sector.

In addition to promoting fairness and equality in training, Lyceum helps to stop credential fraud.

Furthermore, it recommends methods for motivating staff members to gain industry-oriented knowledge.

7. Blockstream

The blockchain industry is addressed by a variety of services from Blockstream.

However, Liquid Network is a distributed parallel network for quicker and more private sales.

Blockstream also provides an Aqua and a Jade hardware wallet for usage on liquid and bitcoin networks, respectively.

They also propose a three-year agreement for bitcoin network finance through the cloud. Blockstream ensures that its users will use cold storage (such as hardware wallets) to thwart any hacking attempts by cyber hackers.

8. PayStand

PayStand, as the name implies, is a payment services firm with a wide range of products for numerous sectors.

It offers Enterprise Blockchain as a service. This brings the advantages of the anti-tampering capabilities of blockchain to your company’s processing of payments.

PayStand employs a mixed chain to enable data readily traceable while respecting either party’s anonymity. The payment process is quick in contrast to a public blockchain at the same time.

9. iCommunity

The iCommunity provides a foundation for creating blockchain technologies without writing any code. 

It promotes the creation of numerous blockchains and guarantees the accessibility of all data.

Each data entry is validated and has a traceability feature.

Their goal is to simplify blockchain platform training. Some of the most popular software programs and content management systems, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress, can be integrated through their APIs.

10. IBM

Everyone can benefit from IBM’s blockchain technologies.

It provides blockchain solutions for all big industries, including communication, media, healthcare, and the automobile industry.

Their sites also include a support page where you can inquire about the ROI of your blockchain investments.

11. Block-Stars Pvt Ltd

From small-scale startups to large corporates, we at Block-stars Pvt. Ltd. have delivered our services.

Our team of engineers, coders, and blockchain specialists enables entrepreneurs and business owners to trade data securely via blockchain technologies.

We will easily guide you through the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi apps. Would you like to know more about our services, check out our website here-


Blockchain is reliable, but at the same time, it’s new. There are only a few big players in the BAAS domain yet. It becomes imperative to calculate ROI before going for any blockchain-related solution.

Conclusively, go through the detailed client history, past projects, etc., before signing up with any blockchain-as-a-service company.






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