5 Full-proof Ways To Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company in Seoul

Best Mobile App Development Company in Seoul

In this digital world, the smartphone is everyone’s best pal and best source of support. Nowadays, whether you want to order domestic necessities, connect with people online, or keep tabs on your monthly budget, there is always an app for all kinds of requirements.  Seoul is a great metropolitan city with cutting-edge subway systems and … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About ERC 1155 in 2022

Everything You Need to Know About ERC 1155 in 2022

Are you starting your career as a blockchain developer? Or are you strategizing how to issue Ethereum -based- tokens? No matter what position you are in, if your career or project requires being updated on cryptocurrency, you should know all about ERC standards and how they affect you and your business. This blog analyses the … Read more

Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd Announces its Expansion With a New Indian Office in Gujarat


The leading blockchain development service provider, Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, recently announced its Indian office expansion in Surat, Gujarat. Along with their regional offices in the USA and Sri Lanka, the Indian office is their latest addition, enabling them to cater to growing global demands. “This expansion was a part of … Read more

Top 11 Blockchain-as-a-Service Providers for Small to Large Scale Businesses


Blockchain is a technology to store data. It operates in a decentralized organization. Here, there is no control of central power like the Government or big corporations. This technology is running and still progressing because of the active participation of its users. It is also much more advanced than the traditional method of recording data. … Read more

The rise of Blockchain-as-a-service is here to stay says Block-stars Pvt. Ltd. Korea

Blockchain-as-a-service is here to stay says Block-stars Pvt. Ltd.

For an undetermined period of time, the IT services sector has been booming. But what’s all the commotion about Blockchain-as-a-service, or BaaS? The use of blockchain technology has been discovered in many industries. A larger group of companies will gain from blockchain technology thanks to BaaS. Was the response ambiguous? We now give you a … Read more

Block-Stars, A Korean Crypto Exchange Development Service Provider, Says Digital Assets Will Unleash a Great Potential of the Financial Industry.


Technological advancements are growing beyond and above. We can see digital assets slowly affirming their roots. We spoke to the CEO of Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Nathan Kwon, who helped us understand why digital assets will soon be a thing of the future. “Digital assets will have a major impact on the fintech sectors. The … Read more

Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd, the Cryptocurrency Company Has Opened Its New Regional Office in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Block-Stars opened its new regional office in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Finally, Block-Stars, one of the most leading company in Cryptocurrency Market, has taken over one more milestone. Block-Stars has inaugurated its regional office in Sri Lanka  at Kurunegala. “It’s a very huge achievement of Block-Stars that it has gained with its consistently well-managed work and dedication. By providing 100% satisfaction to clients, and lots of … Read more