Everything You Need to Know About ERC 1155 in 2022

Are you starting your career as a blockchain developer? Or are you strategizing how to issue Ethereum -based- tokens?

No matter what position you are in, if your career or project requires being updated on cryptocurrency, you should know all about ERC standards and how they affect you and your business.

This blog analyses the fundamentals of ERC 1155, and we will cover all the features and benefits of ERC 1155. 

What Are ERC Standards?

What Are ERC Standards?

The ERC standard or Ethereum Request for comments is a kind of document that is used by smart contract programmers to write on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

These documents consist of rules or standards which must be complied with by Ethereum-based token users.

The community of Ethereum follows a process known as the ‘Ethereum Improvement Proposal’ or EIP to review and analyze this standard document.

The community comments or adds a suggestion and asks a question about the document so that the developer can improve or revise the document.

The Ethereum community finally considers these documents after experimenting with the EIP process and finally accepts them.

After the acceptance, the developers implement it. We can say that ERC initially comes as EIP and can help with various prospects such as tokens, registration names, etc.

ERC 1155- The Most Developed Non-Fungible Token

The ERC1155 is based on Ethereum token standards which focus on integrating the best features or traits from the former standards to create independent fungibility and gas-efficient token contracts.

ERC 1155 is currently the most popular token because it solves all the significant issues that occur in ERC 20 and ERC 721.

Earlier, they were the most accepted token standard for non-fungible tokens. Now, with ERC 1155, users can generate multiple tokens from a single contract.

And one can use ERC 1155 for both fungible and non-fungible cases.

All of these features make ERC1155 a better option for good storage management, work efficiency, and pocket-friendly.

Features of ERC 1155

Any ERC 1155 guide should also emphasize the functionalities of the token standard as a key point.

The characteristics of ERC 1155 can reveal a great deal about how it functions and its importance in the context of NFTs or Non-fungible tokens.

Features of ERC 1155

Some standout characteristics and their effects on the Ethereum platform are listed below.

Bulk Transfers

You can learn about the potential for bulk transactions of several assets over a single smart contract with the help of the ERC 1155 wallet.

It is possible to lower network traffic and trade costs by investing all tokens at once.

For instance, individuals can utilize the bulk tokens transfer feature with ERC 1155 to sell several gaming products to other players.

Multi-Token Backing

One of the key points in responses to the question ERC 115 centers on its status as a multi-token standard.

With the flexibility to support various states, the ERC-1155 standard offers both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Interestingly, the help for several states is offered within the same deal and at the same site.

It is simple to integrate ERC 1155 features for in-game expenditures because fungible tokens can be transferred to a specific location connected with unique NFT holdings.

Semi-fungible or Exchangeable Tokens

The ERC 1155 standard also highlights the potential for producing semi-fungible tokens as a noteworthy feature.

Semi-fungible tokens, often known as SFTs, serve as tradeable tokens. On the good side, they change into NFTs.

A ticket, for instance, might be an exchangeable asset before the event. The tickets become just a collection after the performance and no longer have any market value.

The ability to incorporate such features directly into the ticket’s code is provided by SFTs.

Undo Token Transfers

The following important feature sets the ERC 1155 token standard apart from its predecessors in unique ways. If mistakes are made, ERC 1155 offers a very helpful way to go back and undo token transactions.

But the funds sent to the wrong addresses cannot be reclaimed while using the ERC-721 token standard.

ERC 1155 offers a feature called the secure transfer function to solve these issues. ERC 1155 offers numerous additional criteria for preventing user misuse in addition to the safe transfer function.

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Why User Preferred ERC 1155?

ERC 1155’s introduction includes several enhancements designed for the development of NFTs and other applications throughout the Ethereum ecosystem.

The ERC 1155 token standard has also been the target of numerous criticisms recently, according to the crypto news.

Even though ERC 1155 has many advantages over the existing ERC-721 token standard, it is still in use.

Why User Preferred ERC 1155?

Here are a few significant ways that ERC 1155 gives the NFT ecosystem potential benefits.

  • ERC 1155 enables the creation of semi-fungible and non-fungible tokens.
  • Because ERC 1155-based smart contracts provide the necessary interoperability, the list of ERC 1155 coins contains a wide range of names. On the other hand, ERC-721 necessitates the development of fresh smart contracts for every kind of token.
  • ERC 1155 also offers the ability to link smart contracts to a variety of identifiers, which is a significant plus. The smart contracts do not store any additional metadata, which allows greater deployment flexibility. The installation cost for ERC-721 is higher since fixed metadata is only saved on the smart contract.
  • Most importantly, the capability for batch transfers is a huge plus for the ERC 1155 standard when employing NFTs. Both fungible tokens and other non-fungible tokens kinds can be transferred in single batches according to the standard. Because of this, ERC 1155 can enable a tenable decrease in transaction costs and time needed. It is therefore easy to see how ERC 1155 is excellent news for the development of NFTs.


The current wave of digit assets has become significantly more prominent thanks to non-fungible tokens.

However, getting NFTs more useful is still a challenge for engineers. The new token standard might assist in the development of bulk transfers and semi-fungible tokens.

But ERC 1155 is appreciated by many professionals because it serves as a foundation for upcoming innovations that will simplify the Ethereum environment and raise its value and effectiveness.

ERC 1155 is a game changer in every sense of the word, offering considerable advantages over the ERC-721 standard and giving a hope for better future in the market.

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