Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd, the Cryptocurrency Company Has Opened Its New Regional Office in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Finally, Block-Stars, one of the most leading company in Cryptocurrency Market, has taken over one more milestone.

Block-Stars has inaugurated its regional office in Sri Lanka  at Kurunegala.

“It’s a very huge achievement of Block-Stars that it has gained with its consistently well-managed work and dedication. By providing 100% satisfaction to clients, and lots of efforts of company teams, this new paradigm was possible” says Mr. Nathun Kwon, the CEO of Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd.

He also added, “It’s a very glad moments for us. Because, it’s not an easy feat to open a regional branch in multiple countries back-to-back. We are surely growing in all directions”.

So, what’s the reason behind the Massive Success of Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd? 

Here are some known facts of Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd:

What does Block-Stars Pvt Ltd do?

Block-Stars is a Pioneer Blockchain Developement Company, that has the team who developes the latest blockchain and crypto trends and leads successful business with the trendy planning.

Work Expertise of Block-Stars

Block-Stars is a multi-service provider in realm of Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, and NFT. They are known to offer 100% accuracy and efficiency in the below segments:

  • DeFi
    • Decentralized Finance Development
    • Defy Related Technology and Stars Team Features
  • NFT
    • NFT PlatformsNFT Platforms
    • NFT Market Place
  • Exchange
    • Exchange Development
    • Exchange Detailed Features

Block Chain Services

  • Exchange Developement (Binance)
    • Binance exchange is leading all the Crypto Exchanges are in the market, Blockstars is one that having the provision of providing this service.
  • Derivative Exchange Development
    • Blockstars makes the clients enable to trade the cryptocurrency through DEX and CEX by building the derivative exchange with Blockstars.
  • Escrow Development
    • Block stars is providing the fastest transaction engine, multi-currency pairing, unlimited crypto token support, and errorfree source code.
    • You will be able to start a secured purchase and sale service through the escrow solution with the source code which is only yours.
  • Hybrid Exchange Development
    • Blockstars’ Hybrid Exchance Development makes the clients enable to build a hybrid exchange by supporting the encryption transmitted between two different exchanges by adding the diversity of connected exchanges.

Are you thinking that this is the END?

Absolutely Not, it’s a less than half, keep scrolling and reading, and make your mind to connect with Blockstars…

  • Domestic/Overseas Community Setting and Management
    • With the world wide reach and the marketing team over all the places on the planet, Blockstars is managing and conducting the social media platforms, telegram, discords, Bitcoin talks, and each one can join the community and get his query solved instantly. (working 24 X 7 X 365)!
    • You are just one step closer to activate your social media linking with Blockstars, links are at the bottom – Don’t forget to subscribe.
  • White Label Exchange Development
    • White Lable Crypto Exchange Development is the key to attract and engage the more participants to agencies that want to exchange having the full end-to-end customization abilities.
  • OTC Exchange and P2P Exchange Platform Development
    • Block Stars does have the OTC that is a direct trading method without any supervision of any exchange with which you can build a platform that can trade a huge amount of cryptocurrency.
    • You will be  only able to access this feature if you proceed with the establishment of an over-the-counter exchange with Block Stars.
  • Development of Various Tokens With The Latest Trends
    • It’s simple to develop the various tokens that can replace ERC gas fees for the blockchain services.
    • Various services are pouring out through the overseas trend BSC (Binance Smart Contract) .
    • We present the perfect business direction according to the situation and needs of customers such as ERC as well as BEP .
  • White & Yellow Paper Provided By a Wide Range of Language Services
    • Professional translations such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian required for overseas services are available, and technical white papers (yellow papers) can be developed for higher quality projects.

Want to know more about Block-Stars Pvt Ltd. Head on to their website for more details.






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